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In 1801, Millville was first organized as a township; It became a city in 1866. Until 1913, Millville operated under a Mayor-Council form of government where the mayor was elected by the people. In 1913, a change of form of government to the Walsh Act was passed and the commission form of government became the way the city was run.[65][66] The city is one of 30 municipalities (of the 564) statewide that use the commission form of government. Under this form of government as used in Millville, the governing body is comprised of five commissioners who are elected to four-year concurrent terms of office at-large on a non-partisan basis as part of the November general election. At a reorganization meeting held after each election, each commissioner is assigned a department to oversee and one commissioner is selected from among its members to serve as the mayor and another as vice mayor.

City Hall | 12 S High St, Millville, NJ