CUT International Short Film Festival

CUT International Short Film Festival is the premier festival in New Jersey for short form films. Located in a colonial-era enclave established in the early part of the 18th century, the city of Millville hosts a proper main drag known as High Street. Featuring a beautiful, old theater, bars, restaurants, coffee shops and book stores, art galleries and barber shops, Millville harkens back to different time in the American experience.

CUT was founded to celebrate storytelling in the medium of motion pictures, but limited to short stories. The short film, like the documentary, has become a great way for a larger group of people to tell their stories. Not reliant on huge budgets, or massive crews, a small group of talented creatives can craft a tale of resonance and authenticity. Our goal is to celebrate those stories, and give them a venue to shine.


SEP 20, 2024
Sept 20-21, 2024



More Info:

Phone: 16094125848
Web Address: www.njshorts.com